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Bar Stock

Viking Iron Works manufactures custom open die forgings. We can produce any size bar from 1 to 12 inche round, square, rectangular, hexagon or octagon cross-section at a maximum length of 96 inches. We stock over 100 grades of material in carbon steel, alloy steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel, low expansion steels, maraging, nickel copper alloys, high temperature alloys, nickel, copper and titanium. With our own in house heat treating capabilities we can supply the bar annealed, normalized, austenized & quenched, tempered, spheroidize annealed, solution annealed or precipitation hardened (age hardened) depending on grade of material. With our own machine shop we can supply the bar in the as forged or rough turned condition. See our materials list for the grade of material that suits your application. Visit our forged bar page then contact our sales staff and we will appreciate the opportunity to quote your steel bar requirements.