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Forged Gear Blanks

Viking Iron Works forged rings, disks, hub and upset head forgings are used as forged gear blanks for many different types of gears. Forged rings, disks and hubs are superior in quality for forged gear blanks as oppossed to rings, disks or hubs cut from plate or bar due to all sides of the forging having reduction further refining the grain structure and improving the materials impact strength and fatigue life. Furthermore forged rings, disks and hubs can be forged with grain flow to best suit the forged gear blank application such as radial or tangential grain flow which will help improve the mechanical properties of the material. See our materials list for the grade of material that suits your forged gear blank application. Visit our forging pages for our forging capabilities then contact our sales staff and we will appreciate the opportunity to quote you forged gear blanks.