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Stainless Steel Forgings

Viking Iron Works manufactures custom open die stainless steel forgings from 300 series, 400 series and precipitation hardening stainless steel grades. Viking’s skilled craftsmen have been producing custom open die stainless steel forgings for over 40 years. Viking has the experience and expertise for forging the highest quality stainless steel forgings from food processing to the aerospace industry. Vikings heat treating furnaces are certified to AMS 2750 for solution treating, precipitation hardening, austenizing and annealing stainless steel forgings. Viking’s custom open die stainless steel forgings can be forged into seamless rings and sleeves, upset head and hub forgings, shafts and step shafts, disks, blocks or bars up to 2600 pounds and 100 inches long. Viking has produced stainless steel forged step shafts for pumps, stainless steel forged rings for bearing races and gears, stainless steel disks for gears and pressure vessel end caps, stainless steel blocks for valve bodies, and stainless steel bars for bar stock. For more information about Viking Iron Works stainless steel forgings click on MATERIALS at top of this page for a complete list of all the stainless steel forging materials Viking keeps in stock. Click on the grade of material to see our forging parameters for each grade. You can request a quote right from this web site or you call our friendly sales staff, and they will appreciate the opportunity to quote your stainless steel forging.