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Open Die Forgings

Viking Iron Works, Inc. is an Open Die Forge shop located in Poughkeepsie, NY. Viking manufactures custom open die forgings and mandrel forged rings for a wide range of industries, from aerospace, oil & gas exploration and production to food processing. Viking services include forging, heat treating, and rough machining. Viking manufactures forgings from one pound up to two thousand pounds and a maximum length of one hundred inches. Our forging capabilities range from rings, and sleeves to shafts, forged bar, discs, upset head forgings, hubs, spindles, and forged blocks. We provide forgings to a large array of industries such as aerospace, civil engineering, constructional equipment, defense, food processing equipment, gears, industrial equipment, machine tools, mining, oil & gas exploration, oil & gas production, paper & pulp, power generation, pumps, steel industry and steel service centers. Viking forges and assortment of components for these industries like cylinders, bearings, bearing races, gears, pump shafts, valve bodies, valve stems, hydraulic manifold blocks, drilling components, pistons, piston rings, rollers, input & output shafts, flanges, bar stock, end caps, eye bolts, and pressure vessel components.