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Maraging Steel

Maraging steel is a precipitation hardening stainless steel used for applications requiring high strength and good weldability. Viking Iron Works produces maraging steel forgings from maraging steel 200, maraging steel 250, maraging steel 300 and maraging steel 350. Viking can produce maraging steel forgings in round, square, rectangular or octagon cross section bars, seamless rings and sleeves, blocks, disks, shafts, and upset head forgings. Viking’s maraging steel forgings range in lengths up to 96 inches and 2600 pounds. Viking’s maraging steel forgings can be supplied in the annealed condition or in the aged condition. Viking operates aging furnaces built specifically for precipitation hardening stainless steels such as Maraging Steel. These furnaces are maintained, calibrated and surveyed per Aerospace Material Specification AMS2750 class 2 ±10ºF. For more information about Viking Iron Work's maraging steel go to our maraging steel website page under Materials.