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Seamless Forged Rings

Viking Iron Works inc. has been manufacturing seamless forged rings for almost 50 years. Seamless forged rings are found in many heavy industrial and aerospace applications. Seamless forged rings are used for gears, bearing races, collars, flanges, and locking nuts. Seamless Forged rings can be produced with radial or tangential grain flow which cannot be obtained from rings cut from plate or machined from bar. Viking can produce seamless forged rings from carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel such as 17-4, 15-5 and 13-8, maraging steel, high temperature alloys, nickel copper alloys such as monel 400, monel 500 and monel alloy R405, and bearings steel like 440C, 52100 and M50. Viking’s wide assortment of tooling enables us to produce seamless forged rings from 1 pound to 500 pounds at a maximum of 24 inch diameter. For more information on seamless forged rings see our seamless forged rings and sleeves under forgings in our website.