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Open Die Forgings

Open die forging or hand forgings is a process of forming a metal into near net shape by hammering or pressing between two flat dies. Viking Iron Works has been producing open die forgings for almost 50 years. Viking’s open die forgings are used in many industries where ever a part is under high loads, severe impact and requires long fatigue life. Viking manufactures open die forgings from carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, maraging steel, high temperature alloys, high strength alloys, nickel copper alloys, bearing steels, low alloy steel, and low expansion steels. Some of our open die forging configurations are shafts or step shafts, seamless rings and sleeves, blocks, disks, open die forged bar and upset head forgings. Viking can produce open die forgings up to 2600 pounds and a maximum of 96 inches in length. Viking has in house heat treating capabilities and our own machine shop to supply your open die forgings fully heat treated and rough turned to your part drawings.