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Forged Alloy Steel

Viking Iron Works manufactures custom open die alloy steel forgings. Viking’s forges alloy steel into shafts, step shafts, seamless rings and sleeves, blocks, disks, upset head forgings, and bar in round square, rectangular or octagon cross-section. Viking can produce open die alloy steel forgings up to 2600 pounds and a maximum of 96 inches in length. Viking can heat treat forged alloy steel to whatever your specifications require, annealed, normalized, austenize and oil, water or air quench or solution treat and age. All of Viking’s furnaces are maintained surveyed and calibrated to AMS-2750. Viking’s fully equipped machine can rough machine any forged alloy steel product they produce. Viking Iron Works has been manufacturing forged alloy steel for almost 50 years. Viking stocks forged alloy steels such as 4130. 4140, 4150, 4320, 4340, 8620, 300m, stainless steel, maraging steels, bearing steel, carbon steel, nickel copper alloys and high temperature alloys. Viking also offers alloy steel forging conversion services as well. For more information on forged alloy steel click on materials at the top of this page.