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Solution Treat and Age Stainless Steel

Viking Iron Works is an open die forge shop specializing in forging and heat treating precipitation harden stainless steel. Viking can supply a forged and heat treated product or we can supply solution treat and aging services of your product. All our furnaces and furnace instrumentation are maintained, surveyed and calibrated per AMS-2750. Our solution treating furnaces are maintained as class 4 furnaces +/- 25 degrees Fahrenheit and our aging furnaces are maintained as class 2 furnaces +/- 10 degrees Fahrenheit. All furnaces are equipped with digital chart recorders for clean, clear and easy to read furnace charts. All furnace charts are converted to a PDF file for ease of emailing. Our solution treat and aging furnaces are equipped with instrumentation for recording a contact load thermocouple for better accuracy of time and temperature of the product. Viking has been in the forging and heat treating business for almost 50 years and has the experience, expertize and high quality well maintained equipment to supply you forged product or heat treat service of exceptional quality. Contact us at (845) 471-5010 or go to contact us at the top of the page and we will be happy to help you with your project