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Forging Materials

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(UNS S31603) A chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel. The L signifies that it tis a low-carbon (0.03% max) modification of standard 316 stainless steel. The lower carbon improves the welding properties of the material. Has good corrosion resistance and high tensile and creep strength at elevated temperatures. 316L can not be hardened by heat treatment, can be hardened by cold working only.


Element C Mn P S Si Cr Ni Mo
316L 0.030% max 2.00% max 0.045% max 0.030% max 1.00% max 16.00-18.00% 10.00-14.00% 2.00-3.00%

Physical Constants

Density0.290 lbs/in3
Density7.95 g/cm3


Forging2100-2300ºF finish above 1700ºF
Annealing1850-2050ºF then water quench

Viking Forging Parameters

Rings24" O.D. X 6" long500 lbs.
Sleeves12" O.D. X 12" long500 lbs.
Disks26" Dia. X 6.5" long500 lbs.
Round Bar12" Dia. X 96" long2600 lbs.
Square/Rectangular Bar12" Square max. X 96" long2600 lbs.
Blocks14" X 14" X 14"750 lbs.
Shafts12" Dia. max X 96" long2600 lbs.

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