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Upset Head Forgings & Forged Hubs

Viking can produce a variety of upset head and hub forgings from in house designed tooling. Due to the low cost of open die forging tools Viking can economically forge job quantities from 1 to a few hundred. Additionally our investment in CNC machine tools can easily and economically handle those higher volume jobs that require rough turning. Some examples of our upset head and hub forgings end up as custom bolts, high pressure flanges, pinion gears, firing pins, bushings and high temperature and high pressure valve components. These parts end up in industries such as food processing, oil/gas production and exploration, aerospace, pumps, ship building and machine tools. There are many advantages to using an upset head forging as opposed to machining from bar stock. Upset head forgings yield considerable time and material savings due to not having to cut the stem from the larger diameter head. Due to the forging reduction gained when upsetting the head, the forging will benefit from a continuous grain flow running up the stem and bending into and around the head. This continuous grain flow will greatly improve the impact strength and fatigue life of the final part. Furthermore, considering the forging is made inside a tool the part will have close dimensional tolerances and a smooth as forged surface finish.



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