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Forging Materials

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Miscellaneous Materials

Viking Iron Works, stocks and forges materials such as Nitralloy 135, commercially pure copper CU101, commercially pure Titanium CP grade 2, Titanium Alloy 6AL-4V, Aeromet 100, High Strength Alloy D6AC. Viking forges seamless rings & sleeves, bars , shafts, blocks, discs, upset head and hub forgings, in any of the alloy material grades listed in our materials list. If you have a requirement for forgings not listed in our material list contact us and we would be glad to have the opportunity to review and quote your forging requirements.

CP Titanium grade 2 Aermet 100 Alloy
D6AC Titanium Alloy 6AL-4V


(UNS K24065) A low alloy nitriding grade of steel with moderate hardenability. Was designed to provide a high case hardness and to maintain is core strength during the nitriding cycle.

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(UNS C10100) Copper CU101 is also known as Oxygen Free Electronic. It is a 99.99% pure copper with 0.0005% oxygen.

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CP Titanium grade 2

(UNS R50400) Commercially pure(CP) Titanium has low level of impurity elements. Has a minimum yield strength of 40KSI and good ductility and formability. Has good impact properties at low temperatures and resistance to corrosion by sea water.

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Aermet 100 Alloy

(UNS K9580) AerMet 100 alloy has a combination of high hardness and strength with good ductility and toughness. Aermet 100 may be used up to 800m deg. F

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(UNS K24728) D6AC is a medium carbon low alloy steel with very high strength. D6AC ultimate tensile strength can be as high as approximately 280,00 psi. D6AC has a high yield to tensile strength ratio and good ductility. See Viking's material page for our forging capabilities with D6AC steel

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Titanium Alloy 6AL-4V

(UNS R56400) Most common Titanium alloy. Has good combination of high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance. Used at temperatures up to 660ºF.

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