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Forging Materials

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Nitronic 60

(UNS S21800) A Chromium-Manganese-Nickel austenitic stainless steel alloy. Has very good high temperature oxidation resistance and low temperature impact resistance. Additionally Nitronic 60 has excellent galling resistance at low and elevated temperatures. Nitronic 60 can not be hardened by heat treatment.


Element C Mn P S Si Cr Ni N
Nitronic 60 0.10% max 7.0-9.0% 0.04% max 0.010% max 3.5-4.5% max 16.0-18.0% 8.0-9.0% 0..08-0.18%

Physical Constants

Density0.275 lbs/in3
Density7.62 g/cm3


Annealing1900-2000ºF then water quench

Viking Forging Parameters

No info on Viking Forging Parameters currently available for this material.

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