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Forging Materials

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(UNS G43400) Low alloy, nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel capable of being heat treated to high strength levels. Has good combination of ductility, toughness and strength along with high hardenability. 4340VAR is produced by the consumable electrode vacuum arc remelting process.


Element C Mn P S Si Cr Ni Cu Mo
4340VAR 0.38-0.43% 0.65-0.90% 0.010% max 0.010% max 0.15-0.35% 0.70-0.90% 1.65-2.00% 0.35% max 0.20-0.30%

Physical Constants

Density0.284 lb/in3
Density7.84 g/cm3


Annealing1300ºF slow cool / furnace cool
Tempering400ºF-1200ºF depending on desired strength
Normalizing1600ºF-1700ºF air cool
Austenize1475ºF-1575ºF oil quench

Viking Forging Parameters

Rings24" O.D. X 6" long500 lbs.
Sleeves16" O.D. X 12" long500lbs.
Disks26" O.D. X 6.5 long500 lbs.
Round Bar12" O.D. X 96" longup to 2600 lbs.max
Square/Rectangular Bar12" square x 96" longup to 2600 lbs. nax
Blocks14" X 14" X 14"750 lbs
Shafts12" O.D. max X 96" long2600 lbs.

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