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Forging Materials

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(UNS 10300) Carbon steel with fair machinability weldability and ductility.


Element C Mn P S
1030 0.270-0.340% 0.60-0.90% 0.040% max 0.050% max

Physical Constants

Density0.284 lbs/in3
Density7.85 lbs/in3


Annealing1600-1800ºF furnace cool
Austenize1500-1600ºF water quench

Viking Forging Parameters

Rings24" O.D. X 6" long500 lbs
Sleeves16" O.D. X 12" long500 lbs.
Disks26" Dia. X6.5" long500 lbs
Round Bar12" Dia. X 96" long2600 lbs.
Square/Rectangular Bar12" square nax X 96" long2600 lbs. max
Blocks14" X 14" X 14" 750 lbs. max
Shafts12" Dia. max X 96" long2600 lbs.

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